Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for MorgantownNewcomers.com: This policy statement refers to the website itself and not necessarily the policies of Morgantown Community Newcomers Club overall. In any case, where a conflict in the policies exist the policies of the club itself will take precedence. This policy describes the ways we collect, store, use and protect your personal information. You accepted this policy when you signed up to become a member. We may amend this policy at any time by posting a revised version on our website. The revised version will be effective at the time we post it; In addition, if the revised version includes a substantial change, we will provide you with 30 days’ prior notice by posting notice of the change on the “Policy Updates” page of our website.

Policy last modified on 1/18/2009.

How we collect information about you: To become a member of Newcomers it is required that you fill out a paper form, or a data form on our website. All information that appears on our website is information that you have submitted by one of these two methods. If you submit information in a paper form, one of our members will transfer that information to the website. No additional information of any kind will be listed on our website without your permission You are responsible to let us know if there are inaccuracies in the information we post or that you wish to have removed.

How you can access or change your personal information: (delete not yet available). A logged-in member will have access to a “modify profile” page on the website. On this page the member will be able to change all of the member’s information except the member ID, dues payment, committee, and chairmanship status. Membership committee members and the Treasurer will have access to the profile of all members. Member ID, dues payment, committee, and chairmanship status is not viewable by other members, and is used for internal purposes only.

For those members who hold functions at their homes: Directions to their homes in some cases may be posted. This information is posted under guidelines and policies of Newcomers Club.

How we use cookies and sessions variables: We have a policy of not using cookies. We instead use what is known as sessions variables, which are not maintained on your computer but on our website. Sessions variables control where on our website you can navigate so that when you log on you can then go to all authorized pages without ever having to log on again during that session. There is no known way for a hacker or other individual to gain access through your sessions variables, There have been viruses that have stolen cookie variables and allowed access by others, this is the reason we do not use them.

How we protect and store personal information: Throughout this policy, we use the term “member information” to describe information that can be associated with a specific member and can be used to identify that member.

We store and process your member information on computers, and we protect it by maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in compliance with applicable US federal and state regulations.

Because of the tremendous number of people in the world trying to gain information any way they can, it is impossible to provide 100% guarantee that our information will never be stolen. Every possible procedure will be done to protect your information, however, Morgantown Newcomers cannot accept responsibility for the loss of that information.

How we use the member information we collect: Your information is printed in the Newcomer’s Directory, and is posted on our web site and by these two means is available to all members. It is the policy of the Morgantown Community Newcomers Club that the use of this information is for club use only and not for commercial use of any kind. It is the policy that this information not be provided to any person other than members.
How we share personal information with others: We don’t!

Use of member information by activity organizers: not yet available Activities chairpersons will have the ability to e-mail all members who’ve indicated an interest in a given activity.