April/May Newcomer Newsletter

April 13, 2022

Newcomers Club Newsletter

COVID Update

Following local county trends and CDC guidelines, we will be back to in person gatherings beginning on March 15. We still require full vaccinations, and masks are optional.


Our website is the best source to check what is going on in our Club. Our Directors and Interest Group Leaders will post activities and require an RSVP on the Calendar tab.  Please check it often, so you don’t miss an opportunity to join us!

Newcomers T-shirts and Bags

The T-shirts and bags have arrived.  Let’s wear them and publicize our Club!

WELCOME to our New Members

Diana McCarty, originally from Keyser, WV

Kathy Schnell, originally from Warren, MN


This is a perfect time to volunteer for us!  Each year we need to have positions filled to either serve on our Board or lead an Interest Group. You may also be interested in helping in an area, but choose not to be on the Board. No problem…WE NEED YOU!!!

If the pandemic has got you down, this is the time to try something new and get involved.  Please contact Denise Berrebi or Ann Siochi if you are interested or have questions.

Website Director

We fund a webmaster who has developed and maintains our website, but we need someone who will manage and update the face of our website, under an administrator access mode.  Jane Taylor, our current website director is happy to teach the next person.

Fundraising Director

We need someone who can lead a committee in planning fundraising events. These funds help meet our discretionary budget needs. In the past, an Auction was held in the Fall. This can be the focus again, or other ideas are welcome.

*Next fundraising event:  “POUND SALE” on May 4 at the monthly Coffee.  Please bring a pound of “something” and wrap it. Big or little package, let’s see what a pound is worth! Bids will begin at $5 and we will auction off the items!  Let’s fundraise and have fun, too!

Interest Group Leaders

Any member may create a new Interest Group. The more ideas we have, the more activities to participate in!

We have had the following groups inactive. You may be interested in resurrecting the group or starting something new! 

Stay Tuned…A new group may be forming soon for Music Lovers!

What’s Cooking…meet at members’ homes to experiment with new foods, appliances, recipes

Kayaking… locally on Cheat Lake and Monongahela River





Slate for Board of Officers and Directors



President: Denise Berrebi

Vice President: Jenny Robbins

Treasurer: Jane McCracken.  Vice Treasurer: Deb Dottavio

Secretary: Jane Taylor


Speaker Programs: Melinda Edwards

Coffees: Ann Siochi

Luncheons: Denise Minnear

Interest Groups: Melinda Edwards

Membership/Hospitality: Denise Minnear

Publicity: Denise Berrebi (interim)

Community Service: Karen Lane

Directory: Carol Spears and Susan Cook

Historian: Ann Siochi

Website: Jane Taylor (interim)

Special Activities: Sally Kirkpatrick

Helping Hands: Denise Minnear

Fundraising:  to be filled

Upcoming Events*

Walking Group:   Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00 am

Bridge: Thursdays at 1:00 pm

April 12: Chicks at the Flicks

April 13 and May 11:  Book Group

April 19: Luncheon at Oliverio’s Restaurant at 11:30 am, speaker Kathy Schnell from the Women’s Compass Center, and Elections (please see the Slate of Officers and Directors for the 2022-23 year)

April 21 and May 19: Not Just Pins and Needles

April 23: Wine Tasting at Stanley’s home

April 26 and May 31: BUNCO

May 4:  Coffee with special activity “Pound Sale”!

May 17: Luncheon TBA

*the Calendar on the Morgantown Newcomers website is the most updated source

Denise Berrebi and Ann Siochi, Co-Presidents